Saturday, 14 June 2008

Anticipation, Participation and Reflection

Anticipation is part of the excitement of any activity. Even on a dull and slightly damp Saturday when the fridge is empty and the dog is wet there's a little dollop of joy at the thought of going out later in the day.
A tiny wee private cinema has been booked (no idea what we're going to see) and then we'll share a leisurely meal together. Nothing terribly unusual or dramatic - just a sense of togetherness in a shared activity. Maybe that's what church is partly about. Being together, building relationships and quite simply enjoying the company of one another.
And afterwards - memories! The event is more than the moments we spend in each other's company. It is also the reflection. The lingering of conversations that are part of the building blocks of relationships.
This is a good day - even if the showers have dampened the clothes that had dried on the line overnight! Easier to iron - maybe?! And even if I need to join the Saturday morning shoppers to stock up on the essentials like bread and milk!

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Julia said...

are you going to the wee one in Comber? It is sooooooooo class!!!