Monday, 16 June 2008

Closing the Ring

The film is based on a true story of an American woman whose great love was killed during WWII near Belfast when the bomber he was flying in crashed. The tale centres on a ring belonging to her which was lost on the Black Mountain during the crash.
The little cinema, The Excelsior, in Comber was a perfect location for this tale of love and promises, of war and terrorism, of courage and of despair. We were unusually quiet on the journey back into the city that was the backdrop for the film - looking across to the hills where there is both so much beauty and also so many memories of hatred.
A host of private dramas are being played out behind major national or world situations. Ordinary people getting on with daily lives but from time to time the major drama touches the private.
And ordinary people are sometimes not even noticed - like the Filipino girl in Ian's recent blog. She too with a home and family life and not even considered as she worked for others but her life was disrupted and damaged by their thoughtlessness. "For the Fainthearted" often gets right to the heart of human problems and always makes you think!

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