Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Time passes quickly

It seems no time at all since last TFTD on Friday ... and, if I'm not careful, another one will happen before the blog is updated.
What's to update?
Well ... the dog I suppose!
But nothing much changes there.  He studies the neighbours, looks for squirrels and then sleeps!

So ... that's Dougal!  Very happy, very active, very affectionate!  And he gets me out of the house for long walks.
What else has happened since last Friday ... well ... there's been church ... and now we are beginning preparations for Harvest at the beginning of October.
This banner will be on the church railings over the next ten days ... maybe folk will see it and feel welcome to come in.  The evening service will be readings and music ... no sermon!
And now, today ... the big clear up from the Mothers' Union/Ladies' Guild sale ... all that remains unsold is to be packed away for another year!  We made £336 ... a good sum for two Saturday mornings.
Now ... to write this week's TFTD and get going with all the other stuff that needs to be done!

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