Friday, 18 September 2015

Thought For The Day (again)

Today's Thought For The Day at 23 minutes 3 seconds

The New Dog
Officially his name is Dougal.  But frequently hes called anything from Spud to Doodlebug or simply Pup.  It doesnt seem to matter.  My new dog pricks up his ears whenever I speak.

Dougal is a six year old rescue dog from Assisi. Members of his fan club have been asking when hes going to get a Thought for the Day.  So here it is.

He arrived in June and has settled quickly into rectory life.  Within a short time he realized that going to bed in the breakfast room means his owner will be away for a while but will certainly return. 

Inevitably, life for Dougal is now centred around church activities.  Hes a regular member of the Bible Study Group, attends all Parish lunches and other functions.  It is a case of, wherever I am he is happy to tag along.

Very quickly he has learned the sound of my voice and the routines of the week.  Most mornings he comes downstairs and just curls up in a chair to sleep some more but the day off morning sees him up and ready for a run at the seaside before Ive even had a coffee.  How does he know?

For his benefit the back garden has become an agility course with hoops and hurdles.  That was inspired by a visit to Castlewellan agricultural show in July hes learning new tricks so he can participate next year.

In all of this hes alert for my voice and watching every move that I make. He will react to the softest whisper; I'm beginning to think that he can read my mind.

If only we humans were as in tune with God as Dougal is to me

My regular walks with the dog provide daily examples of God communicating with us through the gentle whispers, and the drama, of the natural world. 

David, in one of the Psalms, captures this sense of God speaking:  The heavens are telling the glory of God; 3 There is no speech, nor are there words;   … 4 yet their voice goes out through all the earth, …. (Psalm 19)

This also reminds me of a line in a very old action song that we learned as children in Sunday School.  The chorus is: Whenever you see a rainbow, whenever you see a rainbow, whenever you see a rainbow  remember God is love.

All around us, as well as in the scriptures, God is speaking. 

Our part is to be attentive all the time ... to prick up our ears so we can hear what God is saying.


Tanya Mai Johnston said...

Great post! :) It's always exciting when God speaks clearly and you know for sure it's Him :)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks Tanya.