Monday, 10 August 2015

Working backwards ...

Holidays had no time for blogging ... now we're back to work there's a possibility (albeit a faint one) that I might catch up and even get ahead!
First ... Dougal ... he's a happy, and frequently sleepy, dog! Just having spent three days with his friends in the country he's exhausted!
Curled up on his armchair seems to be the preferred location during the day.
Why was he with friends ... well ... it was the Fiddown Union of Parishes afternoon tea and I went down to give a hand clearing up before the "Big Day".  Great fun!

It's hard to capture the atmosphere in a few pictures ... but with over 700 photographs to choose from ... I've tried to give some idea of what was going on. Such events bring many parishioners together to work for the parish and, in addition, this one raised over four and a half thousand euro!  A lot of work ... but well worth the effort.

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