Monday, 10 August 2015


Well ... he's written his piece for the Messenger ... it is on the back page.  You can read the magazine on the website or call in to the church and pick up a copy.
Meeting new dogs in the park is now common .... and he's become the popular friend who is always ready for a run and a game.
And, when there's nothing else to do ... a roll on the grass is just as much fun!
Dougal has been working hard at a new skill ... jumping through a hoop ... and this will be upgraded to two or three more hoops!
At other times he's enjoyed the freedom of the beach ... Tyrella is fast becoming a favourite location.

 And, at Saint John's Lighthouse ... he made friends with the resident dog.

He didn't show a great deal of interest in the cast bronze sculpture of fishing in Ardglass ... I was fascinated by it.
One other item of interest for Dougal was the Castlewellan Agricultural Show ... though he didn't seem to be too keen on the animals.  Maybe if he'd been allowed into the Hen Show Tent things might have been different!
He couldn't make sense of the barking fluorescent dogs but neither the goats nor the sheep caused him to turn a hair!

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