Monday, 30 September 2013

Does your chewing gum lose its flavour ...

There's a trip down memory lane!  Although it was first released in 1924 the song became famous in 1959 with Lonnie Donegan and actually reached Number 3 in the charts!
What brought that to my mind this evening ... it was the most unlikely connection ... Eliot was noisily chewing on an ancient bone!  It's been lying around for months, spends some time in the flowerbed and then is brought back indoors with great enthusiasm, like an old friend!  I'm guessing that it doesn't lose its flavour.
Meanwhile today's big new is that the car I'm driving, now thirteen years old, has just passed its MOT.  The very friendly mechanic suggested that I simply went to the waiting room and he'd bring the car back in fifteen minutes ... he did just that ... and presented me with a new certificate for another year's driving!  Just as well really as I'd spent quite a bit to have it prepared for the test!  The garage will be pleased ... they like the vehicles that they process to get through first time round.
All the doors are open?  Why?  At the minute it's been cleaned and sprayed with all kinds of anti-dog-smelly stuff ... too many chemicals in the atmosphere ... but hopefully that will subside before any longer journeys.  Otherwise I'll be driving along in this weather with the windows open ... and freezing!

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