Friday, 27 September 2013

Contentment ...

... is a dog called 'Eliot'!
Here he is, right at my feet, even though there's nothing to be gained by being there.
It is possible, and maybe probable, that he knows there's going to be a short walk to the garage ... the car has been serviced and awaits its MOT ... so I need to collect it this morning.
While he waits, whether at my feet or in 'his' chair, he maintains that image of complete relaxation and contentment.
Somehow you can't imagine him suffering from stress or overwork.  He's ready at a moment's notice to go and do ... but in between ... he achieves in a moment that restful state that is an inspiration!
It is enough simply "to be" ... he's loved because he's 'Eliot' and not because he does anything to earn it.  I guess that there's a sermon in there!!!
Meanwhile, back to porridge for me ... literally as today's breakfast and metaphorically in the sense of getting on with work!
It's hard to beat White's Organic Jumbo Oats!

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