Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Simple pleasures ...

The dog can demonstrate how to enjoy life to the full ... live in the moment ... take pleasure in simple things ... be glad to be alive!
For example ... there's a patch of freshly mown grass ... just roll in it!  Absorb the smell, feel the texture, look at the colours ... relax!
 Does it matter if someone is watching ... they'll be envious of your freedom!
What if they happen to have a camera and record it for posterity ... then posterity will be envious too!
Maybe, just maybe, they'll join you!  Wouldn't that be fun!
Who among us can remember rolling over and over down a slope when a child ... perhaps even the steep hills at the Silent Valley ... over and over ... intoxicated by the sheer freedom to do what you enjoy.  When did we grow up and become so serious?  Perhaps the prospect of holidays helps to bring back the childhood memories of uninhibited play.
As for food ... try unusual combinations ... Eliot's pleasure this morning was cheese and peanut butter ... a winning mix ... and, stuffed into a toy, gave him a long time of tasty licking!  So, why not make a cheese and peanut butter sandwich for breakfast?  Who says it has to be porridge every day?  Let your hair down and experiment ... that's the dog's recipe for a relaxed life!

Have fun today and do something unexpected!  Surprise your family or friends.

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