Monday, 1 July 2013

I'd not blame you ...

... if you've abandoned "The Rev and a Dog" and gone off somewhere else!  After all, there have been no recent postings at all ... I was going to write "few" ... but that would be an exaggeration!
Trying to catch up with all that's been happening as the weeks have passed would be a tedious task, so, the past is history ... and I'll pick up from the weekend that's just gone.
What a weekend!
Ordination service in Llandaff Cathedral for Rachel Simpson and her fellow ordinands ... a wonderful and inspiring occasion in a most unusual building.  I'd never been there, and was too young to pay attention to the controversy in 1957,  so was totally unprepared for the surprise.  The Majestas.  It takes away your breath as you gaze upon Epstein's compelling creation.
Under this, the new deacons were ordained.  Rachel did a student placement with me in Saint Nicholas' in Belfast so it was good to meet up with her again.  (Her Mum and I were students together at London Bible College and at that stage neither of us could have imagined ourselves as Anglican Priests!)
 On Sunday (was that just yesterday?) I had the chance to return to Llandaff for Choral Eucharist ... a beautiful service with an extraordinary choir and organist.  I didn't like to go around and do the 'tourist thing' so the number of photographs from the Cathedral are sadly few ... but it is a place to which I'd love to return and try to take in more of the beauty and find out a bit about the history of this ancient building with its modern twist.
This is the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

May God's blessing rest upon all those who were ordained on Saint Peter's Day.

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Hi , Liz, good to see you & Eliot back. No hadn't gone off, just kept checking back every so often. Mrs McF