Thursday, 14 March 2013

The promised walk

To my great amusement yesterday, Eliot met me with his lead in his mouth and ran in circles, always stopping at the front door!  Who could resist!  That was a first ... the question is ... will he learn that it works?
It was a glorious evening ... spring in the air and the sun shining brightly.
So off we went ... a ten minute car journey and then the open air at Shaw's Bridge!
 Eliot was a very contented dog ... and a rather tired one by the end of the walk!
It was a refreshing walk ... up some steep hills to get the blood pumping ... and various comfortable benches on which to rest for a few minutes!
There were some grey squirrels but Eliot was on the lead at the time so all he could do was look from a distance!
Maybe I was "leading him into temptation"?
The old tree trunk was interesting ... so photographs galore!
Even the muddy areas had a strange beauty ... like something from a CS Lewis story ...
So, thanks to Eliot and his lead ... we had a good hour in the fresh air and both of us slept like the proverbial logs last night!  The house could have fallen in around us and I don't think either of us would have heard it.

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