Friday, 15 March 2013

Saint Anne's Cathedral

I was early for a meeting ... so there was time to have another look around ... this time ... I was searching for interesting details.
As you enter ... there's a place to pause for prayer ... so I lit a few candles for folk.

It is a very light and airy cathedral with many beautiful windows ... 
Then the carvings ... I didn't take pictures of any of the pillars today ... but the woodwork is superb.
The pulpit has a number of very modern carvings ... butterfly, dove, scallop shell ...

Pew ends too have a variety of motifs.  This one celebrates spinning yarn.
 Another shows a bell and stylized flowers are on many of them.

Up close to the lectern the detail of the bird's feet is another interesting feature and I liked the reflections in the "world" on which the eagle rests.

The pulpit fall is embroidered with the "IHS" ... the first three letters of the name "Jesus".
And even the floor over which you walk contains many very simple but effective patterns.
It is good to take time to visit Saint Anne's and spend a while wandering around, meditating and praying ... it is a gentle place ... full of warmth and the prayers of the saints ... well worth going to!

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