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Now that Lent is well underway there's not been a lot of opportunity to return to the blog ... so apologies to the regular hunters!  Of course the dog misses the publicity and sometimes just sits or sleeps at the bottom of the stairs in the hope that, if he prevents me from going upstairs, there might just be the chance of a walk!
 And, sometimes he's lucky!
That's more likely to happen if Angel is around too ... and she takes such a good picture!
 You do wonder if she is getting just a bit frustrated with a camera following her every move!
And, boy, can she move!
For every picture in focus there are quite a few where she's just a white blurr.
Neither of them got to go to WOW on Wednesday evening ... this small group who explore different ways to engage in worship, meets once a month ... on the last Wednesday of the month ... at 6.30 pm.
The theme for the end of February was "A Pilgrim in the Desert".
We used the ancient symbol of the scallop shell to remind us of our baptism and the way that Medieval pilgrims could ask for food ... just as much as might sit on a shell.  That way, no one had too great a burden if a pilgrim called at his/her house, church or abbey.
 Each of the small shells available for WOW folk to take and use had already been given two tiny holes ... the shells could then be transformed into earrings, necklaces, badges or candle holders as we used thread or wire to let imagination run!
This activity happened around the font where the larger shell that I use a Baptisms was floating on the water, a small candle reminding us of the light of Christ.
 A few minutes silent reflection on the Baptismal promises led us then to a short reminder of the pilgrim journey of God's ancient people at the time of Jeremiah.
At the time of the Exile (which was going to last for 70 years) Jeremiah was able to affirm God's promise to the people ... "I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope."
Here, at a time of great upheaval and distress, the promise of God is still of hope and assurance that when they look for God their quest will be honoured.
A modern song from Matt Redman provided a further reminder that "God never lets go ... "
Finally ... just a few self-indulgent pictures of the famous dog!

Come, play with me, seems to be the message!
Now ... if you're around the Lisburn Road on Tuesday night (5th March) there's a concert in Saint Nicholas' ... the Phoenix Choir.  £7.50 entrance with many concessions!  A fantastic programmme of a great variety of music.
The prayer (from Hereford Cathedral leaflet) that was on the WOW sheet:
Teach us, O God,
to view our life here on earth
as a pilgrim's path to heaven,
and give us grace to tread it courageously
in the company of your faithful people.
Help us to set our affections
on things above,
not on the passing vanities of this world,
and grant that as we journey on
in the way of holiness
we may bear a good witness to our Lord,
and serve all who need our help
along the way,
for the glory of your name.

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