Thursday, 21 February 2013

Fantastic flowers ...

.... fabulous florist!
Mothers' Union / Ladies' Guild had a guest this week ... Christine from Fleuriste in Finaghy!  She was amazing ... just like her shop!  We were spellbound as she taught about flowers and the different ways to use them ... and watched open-mouthed as arrangements seemed effortlessly to grow before us.
The last, the most dramatic, was a tall pedestal for the church ... and it was "interesting" to carry it from the hall across the busy Lisburn Road!
Now that it is in place it doesn't look half so huge as it did when we watched it being put together in the committee room.
 First ... select the flowers you wish to include and then create the height.
 Bit by bit add the flowers until ...
 ... everything is as you wish it to be.
Then ... carry it across the road and place in church!
 It looks so tall ...
 ... and so full ....
... until you see it in context!  Then you realize that it is just right for the space and anything smaller wouldn't work half so well.
Fleuriste uses only the freshest of flowers and you can see the quality and know that they're treated with great care.  The shop in Finaghy is a delight and nearly anything you could possibly want is available there!
Just look at these cupcakes, for example!
 How clever are they!
 The paper sleeves come off so that you can coordinate with any colour of flower that you like.
These look very good as table centres ... and use up all the short bits and pieces that often have little value once the larger stems have gone.
 And what do you do with a bunch of flowers that you've been given?
 Well ... take a basket ...
 ... add some of the foliage ...
 .... place the flowers to look as if they have just come in from the garden ...
... add an orchid or two for a hint of luxury ... a bow ... or some other trimming ... and there's your answer!
Be creative ... use imagination ... and ... check out Fleuriste if you're ever in the Finaghy area!

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