Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It all depends ...

... on comparisons!
Eliot looks as if he's a black and white dog.  But, when the snow comes ... his white fur is decidedly dirty looking ... a kind of creamy, sheep colour!
I wonder if the snow intensifies the smells ... he certainly gave the garden a good sniff this morning when we woke to a completely white landscape.  All that has now melted and been washed away with the constant rain.
However, there was time to take a picture or two.
 Eliot takes the lead and the red gives a good contrast to the rest of the picture.
His gaze is intense ... I still can't work out what was holding his attention for so long.
 Then, off he went for a short walk ... it must be fine walking in snow if you have four feet ... even if they are bare to the cold ... it isn't quite so comfortable for the two legged lead-holder!
So I contented myself with some pictures from the garden.
A rose ... determined to brave out the winter!
 It is the only one left ... and from a bud a few weeks ago it has now opened into a rather bedraggled flower.
 Giving a more startling contrast are the red berries on a very undernourished bush.  Come the spring there's going to be a bit of feeding here before the plant dies off.
 And finally ... a few berries that the blackbird hasn't yet finished off ... they're maybe a bit close to the window for his comfort.  However, the bird table was a very popular spot this morning as there was nothing else to eat.
So, another day with some snow ... and a few more pictures to add to the hundreds that are already filling up the computer.

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keneva said...

Beautiful snow pictures - and more of his Lordship too!