Monday, 3 December 2012


 The countdown to Christmas has really begun and a little angel becomes the first of the decorations at home.
The two cherry trees outside Saint Nicholas' have been given lights ... three hundred on each tree to be precise!  Child labour was used to complete the process!
 The texture of the trees differ ... the taller tree is much more dense and doesn't show off the lights to quite the same extent.
 But they are both rather eye-catching as darkness falls and the solar cell kicks in.
 There's quite a lot of street lighting so they aren't just as effective as they could be in a darker area ... but they are beautiful.
 Advent wreaths have been constructed both in church and at home.  Eliot shows scant interest in the whole thing unless it happens to be his Advent Calendar ... he already knows (after just two days) that there's a treat from it for him each morning!
 The candle makes a huge difference in a dark room ... just one candle can create quite a pool of light.
 And so, to Eliot.
 Pictures of Eliot creep in everywhere ...
... at times I think he gets bored with the whole picture thing!
On this night of the first Sunday of Advent ... may we have a joy-filled season of anticipation as we prepare to celebrate once again the Nativity of our Lord.

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