Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Some drivers ...

... would drive you to drink!
Dark night, unfamiliar road, rain, I was driving at a steady 50 mph ... and a big lorry tailgated for over twenty miles!  When it passed the vehicle was so dirty that I couldn't get a registration number ... though I was able to read the name of the company on the back!  Now, should I make contact with them ... probably won't!  Google suggests that it might be a Glasgow company ...
Anyhow ... I arrived safely and am happily settled into a nice clean room in Londonderry.
Mind you, the view isn't wonderful!
I had a much more beautiful subject to photograph this morning.
My friend Eva has written an icon of Christ Pantocrator ... All Powerful ... Almighty.
 It isn't easy to get a true colour reproduction ... and to show the depth of colour and the gold ... almost impossible ...
 So the answer is simply to take lots and lots of pictures in the hope that one of them will work as a picture.
The icon is beautiful.
Tomorrow ... lots of photographs ... a wedding!  Looking forward to it very much.

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