Friday, 16 November 2012

No pictures ...

A whole day and no photographs ... now, that is unusual!
There were opportunities ... a beautifully sunny walk with Eliot ... then a bit of gardening to clear ivy from the gate post ... a happy dog who lay about for the remainder of the day ...
But somehow the camera never got the lens cap off.
It's not too late to rectify that, I suppose.
"Problem" solved.
Eliot was found on the sofa ... where he really isn't supposed to be!
 He knows that ... so very sheepishly he gets off and takes up his usual position at the door.
He did seem a little surprised (and possibly so too were the neighbours) when I opted for a few outside night shots!
The camera flash picks up the rain droplets on the long grass ... and on the damp clothes hanging out to dry!
 I've not taken a picture of the laundry at night before ... so it seemed like a good idea to experiment with flash and without!
 Living in the city there's quite a bit of ambient light around ... and it gives an appealing soft tone to the pictures!
Blogs are a bit "thin" these days ... but at least I'm trying to post regularly.

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