Friday, 23 November 2012

Home again!

It was a lovely break ... wedding and then a couple of days to enjoy Donegal and Fermanagh.  The camera came with me at each beauty spot ... a few shots as reminders to myself of the time.
 The pink morning sky soon gave way to clouds and rain ... but that too passed and in the dry morning that followed there was an opportunity to go to Castle Coole grounds (the house is closed for the season).
 Breakfast time was made all the more exciting with the electricity helicopter taking off just outside the dining room windows.  In Fermanagh it is the most cost efficient way to inspect power lines and carry out repair work.  What a lovely way to get around!
 With the camera on "continuous" mode I've ended up with dozens of pictures which, if you run through them quickly enough, look like some rather stilted silent film.
Everywhere appears to have a collection of bronze sculptures ... and I was attracted to this one in particular.  Those who know my love of turtles won't have any difficulty understanding that!
 At the moment it is sited very close to a wall so the background isn't great ...
...but the object itself is wonderful.  The autumn leaves make a good contrast to the darker metals and white walls.
Castle Coole was looking magnificent.
 It wasn't a day for hanging around!  Even the swans kept moving.
 There wasn't enough light to make the lake pictures any more interesting.
 Lack of colour didn't stop me from recording my walk around the lake!  I'll have to do this again on a brighter day and maybe even bring a few scraps to attract the swans.  I totally missed getting a picture of a heron as it flew up from the edge of the water to go to what it must have considered to be a more private or safer place!
 There's beauty even in the dry grasses blowing in the wind ... a short film would be a more useful tool here ... somehow the static snap doesn't do justice to the rustling and changing tones and colours ...
 Water often makes for more interesting shots.  Even on such a dull day the reflections were good.
 Then, later, at a coffee shop beside a river ... thee were more reflections and interesting clouds.  A short time after this picture the rain began for a while ... heavy and cold ... but the scene is still beautiful.
So, from the lakes and rivers, to the trees and ferns ... I've returned home refreshed with a camera packed full of beautiful images and happy memories!  Roll on the next time!


lesleyc said...

Brill shot of tree trunk with 'lodgers'- thank you!

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