Thursday, 10 May 2012

"They" were right!

Yes, today was wet.  Wet, wet, wet!
In the lighter raining late morning Eliot did get a walk ... on the dirty wet beach!
He really was a mess!
However, he was a happy dog with a contented owner.  A good day in spite of the weather!
So now, another quick look at Celtic Daily Prayer ...

All that I love
into your keeping.
All that I care for
into your care.
Be with us by day,
be with us by night;
and as dark closes
the eyelids with sleep,
may I waken
to the peace of a new day. 


lesleyc said...

Thank you Elizabeth - the warmth and simplicity of this prayer is beautiful. I sometimes think that the prayers we use in churches sound as though we are talking to some powerful and robotic sort of God rather than our loving and forgiving father.

keneva said...

Lovely restful pics of a wet dog! And a special prayer.

Amarjeet said...

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