Wednesday, 9 May 2012


There was a little bit of time before today's Holy Communion service ... so ... I tried something different!  A short video of the church ... actually it was a long video but the website can take only short bits ... so I chopped the original one into three!
The other two parts may be viewed on the website ...
Meanwhile Eliot continues to pose for photographs ...

 It was a lovely sunny morning ... now clouded over and the forecast of rain ... just in time for my Day Off!
There won't be any sitting outside tomorrow.
Breakfast in the open air is a summer treat ... not often experienced ... but enjoyed when it is.  Today the milk for my porridge was in this jug.
I've no idea how old it is ... sixty years old at least ... maybe more.
The pottery is now closed and some folk collect this Carrigaline ware ... but I'd be loathe to part with this jug at present.
It really was very pleasant in the garden at eight o'clock ... and the perfume from the lilac is an added attraction.
 Spring into summer is a delightful time of the year ... wave after wave of attractive blossom and garden flowers ... new growth everywhere ... and the odd blue sky or attractive sunset!
Of course ... the weeds grow just as fast and there is a generous sprinkling of dandelions and daisies all over the lawn!  I really don't mind ... they get their heads cut off every week so it isn't a terrible nuisance.

Some words from "Brendan - in Exploration of a Vision" in Celtic Daily Prayer

Lord, I will trust you,
help me to journey beyond the familiar
and into the unknown. 
Give me the faith to leave old ways and break fresh ground with you.
Christ of the mysteries, can I trust you to be stronger than each storm in me?
Do I still yearn for your glory to lighten on me?
I will show others the care you've given me.
I determine amidst all uncertainty always to trust.
I choose to live beyond regret, and let you recreate my live.
I believe you will make a way for me and provide for me, if only I trust you and obey.
I will trust in the darkness and know that my times are still in your hand. 
I will believe you for my future, chapter by chapter, until all the story is written. 
Focus my mind and my heart upon you, my attention always on you without alteration. 
Strengthen me with your blessing and appoint to me the task.
Teach me to live with eternity in view. 
Tune my spirit to the music of heaven.
Feed me, and, somehow, make my obedience count for you. 


lesleyc said...

And now we'll all be wanting video footage of Eliot the Action Dog!!!

That Brendan knew how to write a good prayer...

keneva said...

Love the video!

Amarjeet said...

Sound good.....
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