Saturday, 28 April 2012

Procrastination (again)!

It's Saturday night, there are things to do ... empty the dishwasher, vacuum the living room, fold the laundry ... and that list could continue for a while ... so what am I doing?  Blogging!
The longer days are deceptive ... an early walk in the Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park brought me back home by 7.45 am!  Now it is still bright at 8.30 pm.
Eliot, of course, was the reason for the walk and was happy enough to pose once or twice for pictures ...
 It is good to have the occasional dry and bright Saturday although the ground is still very damp in places.  Many of the rose beds are already planted up for the Rose Trials in July ... there is an amazing amount of work done in this park from week to week.
At the moment the azaleas are in full bloom and give a stunning splash of colour wherever you look.
Meanwhile all sorts of things are happening in and around Saint Nicholas'.  The alternative worship experience experiment is over and the group was unanimous in asking that it continue.  The majority opted for a ten month run with no WOW in July or August ...
At the last one we made some paper angels!  These would look good on a Christmas Tree!
I'll not attempt to go back over the past week or more since the last blog ... there was rain ...
... and a favourite cafe was closed when Eliot and I were passing ...
This is a friendly place where pets are welcome to come in with their owners!  The hot chocolate there is terrific.
There was also some sunshine ...
... and at last the vine was pruned!  You can't expect it to bear fruit unless it is both fed and pruned.
And now it is time to stop procrastinating and get the household chores done before the last glimmer of daylight fades!

Almighty God, 
whose Son Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life: 
Raise us, who trust in him, 
from the death of sin to the life of righteousness, 
that we may seek those things which are above, 
where he reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, now and for ever.

Book of Common Prayer
Collect of the Fourth Sunday of Easter


lesleyc said...

Glad to see you both enjoying the spring weather. Procrastination is fine with housework - life's too short...

keneva said...

Glad to see the blog again