Saturday, 14 April 2012

A dog's life ...

These are a few of my favourite things!
 Rolling around on the grass ... my favourite thing.
Jumping high ... my favourite thing!
Keeping guard at the Parish Halls ... my favourite thing.
 Looking at the neighbour's cat ... my favourite thing!
 Answering my owner's voice ... my favourite thing.
Running fast ... my favourite thing.
Walking in the fresh air in the Mournes ... my favourite thing!
Checking out the work that the gardener has done ... my favourite thing.
Keeping warm under my duvet ... my favourite thing.
 Relaxing in my soft bed ... my favourite thing!
 Getting out to stretch my legs at Spelga ... my favourite thing.
Watching the world go by in Bignian Avenue ... my favourite thing!
Eating out in the dog-friendly cafe, "Paws 4Tea" ... my favourite thing!
Altogether ... this list covers just a few of my favourite things!
Blog hijacked by Eliot for this posting!


lesleyc said...

Eliot has such a great life - I think he knows it! Is his photo displayed in Paws4tea? It's a great idea to be able to have a cuppa or a fry and have the dog alongside.

keneva said...

Great photos!

ROBERTA said...

I guess Eliot just can't decide which is his most favourite thing? I'd guess it's living with you!

Gårdsbacken said...

Most adorabel :))
Eliot most be a very happy dog with so many favourite things to do. Give him a big hug from Gardsbacken :)

/Paula at Gardsbacken