Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Waiting ... and more waiting ...

Sometimes waiting is a real trial of patience!  You need to get on with doing something ... and the computer runs so slowly that you'd be quicker to do some time travel and find a Gestetner or a Banda machine!  Now, who remembers any of those?!!
In the "old days" that's how things were copied.  The wax coated stencil often ended up spotted with bright pink correction fluid dots ... but it worked and many sheets of paper were produced for school children, including the internal examinations.
Much more interesting was the Banda - it could use colour - though the print runs were shorter.  This was a spirit duplicator and extremely useful in Geography where maps and diagrams ended up in multi-coloured layers.
Actually, I'm not trying to copy anything like that just now (though the next edition of The Messenger is moving towards that need.  The present trial for my patience is the transfer of photographs from one computer to an external hard drive and then from there onto another computer ... for some reason the minutes are moving very slowly ... a stated minute on the screen can last five or six minutes in real time!  So, here I am blogging away to fill in the spaces between checking on progress.
Random things come to mind ... like the family of five little Trauma Teddies that were waiting for me at church yesterday!
Or the price comparison ... where the larger size with the label "Better Value" is actually 17p per litre more expensive than the small one ....
And of course there's last week's WOW where we sat down together to enjoy fellowship over a meal.
However ... the Parish Magazine calls and the photographs are now transferred ... so ... off to "Publisher" to put the bits and pieces together.

Lord, you bless with words assuring:
"I am with you to the end".
Faith and hope and love restoring,
may we serve as you intend,
and, amid the cares that claim us,
hold in mind eternity;
with the Spirit's gifts empower us
for the work of ministry.

Church Hymnal number 456 verse 5
Jeffery Rowthorn (b. 1934)

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