Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Between meetings ... an Eliot treat!

Good morning gentle reader.  Apologies for the long absence ... life a tad busy!  There's half an hour before my next meeting so let me bring you up to date with life in the Rectory ... and ... in particular ... the Chronicles of Eliot!
Nearly every day there's a photograph of the adorable (and adored) companion ... so ... working back from yesterday ...
The beggar!  Waiting for a crumb to fall from the table.
 Eliot wasn't nearly so happy on Sunday when he got soaked in the rain and long grass ... or maybe he just put on "the look" for effect?
 You could imagine him staring out at the rain and thinking of long summer days and running wild in the dry grass.  Or perhaps he's assessed his owner as a complete wimp who won't take him out when it is pouring!
 Guard duty at the church hall is always part of his job ... on Saturday morning he kept a sharp lookout for someone that we were meeting there.
 At home he has a regular spot on the small landing near the bottom of the stairs.
 As evening falls there's sometimes a chance for a wander around the church grounds ... catching the amber lights on this shot pleased me.
 However, more often than not you'll find the dog in his resting corner ... a chair dedicated to his use where he can curl up and sleep!
 His habit of resting on one paw strikes me as a very "human" characteristic!
 Last Wednesday he came to WOW (at least for a while before most of the folk arrived ... he's not encountered much lipstick before and I think he assumed it was a treat for him!  It is awfully hard to apply it when you're laughing at a dog!
 And even worse when the dog decides that he'd like to jump up!  Poor Linda!  Though she did cope admirably with his attention.
 There are times when "Do Not Disturb" should be attached to Eliot's collar.  Eating is one of those occasions.  If dogs can give a "dirty look" then Eliot has perfected it!  Maybe he's communicating the idea that I may photograph but not touch ... ?
 In between eating, guarding the property and sleeping Eliot turns into a total clown ... doing headstands on the sofa (strictly forbidden) is one of his favourites ...
 ... and the cushions all get pushed off onto the floor so that he can then stretch out in comfort.  It probably isn't good training for me to take pictures of him before sending him off the furniture!  But he is amusing!
 And so to bed ... he claims the right to jump on it ... even is he is pushed off later!  I guess it must be one of the most comfortable places in the house ... it certainly is for me!
 So again ... pictures are taken first and discipline applied afterwards.  It's a wonder he doesn't have some kind of "Confusion Complex" ...
Would you believe that's just a week of pictures!  And those are simply the Eliot shots ... there will be others to come from the life and work of a rector ...
WOW (Worship on Wednesday) had a quiz last week ... how many of the flags can you identify?  The little buns are the smallest size of the "Dainty Little Cupcakes" production and are delicious!
If you want the answer sheet then you'll see it at the bottom of the WOW page of the Parish website:

As for me now ... a meeting when we'll prepare the last few details for the Lent "Faith Seeking Understanding" services which will be held on Sunday nights this year.  Details of that are on the Worship page of the Parish Website under the relevant dates.

'Lord, thy glory fills the heaven,
earth is with thy fullness stored;
unto thee be glory given,
holy, holy, holy Lord.'

Church Hymnal number 316 verse 6
Richard Mant (1776-1848)


julie moreland said...

lovely to read, miss your blogs

keneva said...

Me too!

Mozette said...

Oh! So good to see you and Elliot haven't lost your sense of humour with all this rain around... especially him throwing handstands on the lounge and throwing the cushions all over... :D