Friday, 2 December 2011

Three more sleeps!

Suddenly the visit to Kenya is almost upon us!  And a multitude of "last minute" things need to be done!
 In the gathering dusk I had a look at the globe ...
 ... but Eliot wasn't too impressed.  If you can't eat it ... why bother?
He simply retreated to his chair as the evening has turned very cold and windy.
It is almost tea time (or dinner time ... or perhaps supper time ...).  Whatever you call it ... the time has come to consider food.  Something hot and tasty ...
A friend was talking about frying onions ... now there's a flavour!  And there are a couple of them just waiting for a good excuse ... some rice to add in and a bit of chicken .... and hey presto!  Tea/dinner/supper!
That was simple.  There are even a few reasonably fresh carrots to add another bit of colour and maybe a stray vitamin or two.  So thank you to my friend who was frying onions!  I could almost smell them coming along the phone lines!
Like a mighty river flowing,
like a flower in beauty growing,
far beyond all human knowing
is the perfect peace of God.

Church Hymnal number 16
Michael Perry (1942-96)

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