Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Continuing with the "interesting" titles!
A dark, damp but mild day ... at times like this the lightbox comes into its own!
The 365Project theme this week is "home" and this photograph captures the morning scene with Eliot checking out for the school buses, a pile of books and papers on the coffee table that need to be relocated and the laptop busy catching up with the world.  The lightbox is a new addition and is supposed to provide the missing light during winter ... time will tell if it makes any difference or is just a good marketing idea.  If nothing else, it is a pleasant light by which to read.
Christmas catalogues come in nearly every mailing now ... and this one was clearly for Eliot.  He spent all of ten seconds looking at it ...
 The thought of a walk would have been more to his liking!
 No treats were used to obtain these pictures ... but the tennis ball was a big attraction.
 ... and he spent a happy few minutes chewing on it!
Clearly all the exertion wore him out and, with paws crossed, off he dropped for forty winks!  He and I  can both do that very easily ... though I'm not sure that I cross my paws!
The rest of the day was fairly busy and ended up with the Bible Study group where we're working our way through Ken Clarke's book on Peter.
Right now I've a bit of writing to do, a couple of letters to answer and also aim for an early night ... so ... with a short dog-centred blog behind me ... I'll bid you all a very good night and quote from a hymn that we talked about tonight in the Bible Study.

I want to walk with Jesus Christ,
all the days I live of this life on earth,
to give to him complete control
of body and of soul.

Follow him, follow him, yield your life to him,
he has conquered death, he is King of kings.
Accept the joy which he gives to those
who yield their lives to him. 

Church Hymnal number 580
C Simmonds


lesleyc said...

The light box, for me, was better not used after say 8pm otherwise I went to bed and sat there wide awake for ages. I felt it was a definite help...

Yesterday's verse was excellent!

ROBERTA said...

I too use a lightbox - love it! Almost as much as I love the daily antics of Eliot:)

keneva said...

Love the crossed paws!