Saturday, 19 November 2011

Living water ...

There's a fountain .... two sided .... made from slate .... a constant stream of water pours down both faces from a narrow slit .... but it is very hard to get a decent picture of it!
 Even a close up of the front side doesn't really do justice to the beauty ... and ....
 ... trying to get a picture from the back is even harder.  Three or four little spurts of water shoot out at odd angles .... maybe a photograph at a different time of day would work?  I'll do that tomorrow.
There are some comfortable seats near it so, in spite of a chilly wind, I spent a while there this morning thinking about Moses ... and the water from the rock (maybe that's a bit obvious) and then Jesus ... and the living water (also fairly predictable) ... and then Psalm 23 .... where the Good Shepherd leads by the quiet waters .... and since this is running water that analogy doesn't fit at all!!!
The sculpture from yesterday didn't look so big today .... although it is larger than life.
 The colour in these photographs is nearer to the actual tones.
 It is in the middle of the car park so, when Drumalis has a large conference in, getting an uncluttered picture is more of a challenge.
Unless, as in this one, you simply take the two heads ... !
Now ... colour!  The sky this morning was a picture!  Talk about seeing the glory of God in the natural world!  There was no doubt today!
 Only those who were up early saw this display ... by the time breakfast came the pink and orange colours had all gone.
 In a painting you'd think this was an exaggeration ... far from it ... if anything, the camera has washed out some of the intensity.
 We're surrounded by the most beautiful places to walk ... and it is Scottie's paradise.
He's the king here!
 And he doesn't feel the need to exert himself too much.  I wonder how many pictures have been taken of him over the years!
So .. this is the end of the second day at Drumalis.
It is an oasis ... a place where one might ....

... pay attention to the presence of God.


Hildegard said...

When you look at the enlargement of the second fountain picture you can clearly see a face in profile. Beautiful material. I wish you a peaceful time.

keneva said...

Enjoying sharing your retreat