Monday, 21 November 2011

Day of rest ....

... and sleep!  So the computer wasn't on very much at all.
The dog here, Scottie, took me for a walk after breakfast.  He clearly intended me to follow him as every few yards he stopped to check that I was coming.  The path he chose led right round the wooded area and made a very pleasant start to the day.
 With the mild temperatures that we've had the countryside is still very green ... and the autumn colours add a further dimension.  It was a "soft" day ... and good to be out in the stillness of the morning.
 Shafts of sunlight kept breaking through the light cloud cover and the camera doesn't do justice to the way that it lit up the branches and the golden leaves on some of the trees.

 Satisfied that his work was done the dog then settled down to guard the property and he took no further interest in what I was doing!  At least he sat for pictures .... Eliot would have walked away at this point!
 The lamppost always reminds me of Narnia ...
 ... and maybe sitting in the Quiet Garden is rather like being in another world, a different dimension ... and most certainly, a sacred space.
The only bit of television that I've had was Songs of Praise ... an exercise in spotting folk whom I know!  It was recorded recently in our neighbouring church of Saint Thomas'. 
 Catching a close up of our Youth Worker was fun and I was glad that the camera was close at hand!

So ends the third day ...
A day of rest ...
A day of reading and sleeping ...

This is one of today's readings, a quotation from John 15.

You did not choose me
but I chose you.
And I appointed you
to go and bear fruit,
fruit that will last. 


ROBERTA said...

Such a beautiful guide you had! Though I must admit it's rather odd to see another dog on your blog:) But I wonder if this pup somehow could sense that you were one of those special humans who truly love their dogs and wanted to take special care of you~!

keneva said...

Loved following you - and Scottie - in photographs. From a distance!