Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Where the Mountains of Mourne ...

... sweep down to the sea!
Tuesday afternoon ... on our way home!  The sun was shining, Dundrum Bay was full and the Mournes looked wonderful.
Could this good weather last for another day?
Well ... Wednesday (now in the late afternoon clouded over) began with wall to wall blue!
There's a good crop of apples and the plum tree has produced some very tasty fruit as well ... had a couple of them at breakfast.
It felt so pleasant to waken up to such a fine day.  A little pottering in the garden, a little wandering around the house and then Eliot and I headed out into the sunshine.
The Twelve Arches is always a great place to stop for a picnic ... and a few photographs!
Although there weren't any other dogs around while we were there I felt it better to keep himself on the lead ... just in case.
With scenery like this you do tend to take an awful lot of pictures ... and if the dog just happens to feature in them, so much the better!

 Eliot lay at my feet as I tucked into an egg and onion sandwich!  He doesn't eat when he's outdoors ... not even the tasty crumb that I leave for him! For the photograph on the left I just looked down to where he lay ... the one on the right was taken with the camera on the ground ... I like the angle better for it. 
Seagulls gathered just in case I might consider them ... and I did to try to get a picture ... but almost all of them were too soon or too late!  Those birds can move at some speed.  

On the way back to Belfast (for the night) we stopped off at Barnett's Demesne for a wander ... again the pup posed for a while ... before it was time to get moving.
Now, the evening has turned dull and looks like rain ... but no matter ... the day was good!  And there are still six more days of holiday!
PS ... I'd forgotten the turtle of the day!  It was taken at the first coffee this morning ... in Kilkeel there is a completely different set of mugs ... inevitably one has turtles!

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ROBERTA said...

Eliot and the Mournes on a sunny day - Surely life doesn't get any better than that!