Sunday, 21 August 2011

Mooching around!

 Sunday was spent just aimlessly wandering ... doing a lot of nothing at all!
 It looked as if the day would be fine ... and ... in contrast to many days recently it was certainly better. That is, it was dry for most of the day!
A couple of glass turtles had their photographs taken ... but not much else.
 The miniature cones on this tree please me ... they're hardly two centimetres long .... I wonder if i can get seed from them this year?  Worth a try!
 The hover flies were hovering ... this camera pleases me that for all that it is a very small cheap one it takes remarkably good close up pictures.
 Mind you .... it would be great to have one that really did pick up the details!
But this wasn't bad!  Amazing little bugs hovering just above the flowers before diving in for a good feed.  The flowers are the cornflowers ... so not huge!


lesleyc said...

Your level of detail with that camera is already amazing - is it on the macro setting for that and is it hand held?

Rev Elizabeth said...

Automatic setting ... does Macro automatically and hand held.