Saturday, 20 August 2011

Around home.

The day has begun to brighten up so it may be time for a wee run out somewhere ... and just in case we don't return before nightfall ... here are the early offerings.
First, some turtles.  I've been continuing to post "a turtle a day" (or more) on the 365Project.  The crystal ones are today's collection.
 It was remarkably hard to get a half-decent picture of them.  This was shot on a blue glass dish with water.  The two smaller ones are about three centimetres long and the one with the red nose about five.  When they're clean the sparkle from them is amazing.
 This was the spare shot ... a turtle carved inside a turtle.  It is fairly naive carving but beautiful.  It took only one photograph to capture this one!  Maybe it should have been put on 365 instead?
Yesterday's group was ignored on the holiday style blog ... it was a set of bean filled little fellows.
The purple one at the front was one I bought on the Lisburn Road in Belfast in a shop that has long since closed.  It seems that many of the smaller shops come and go here almost unnoticed.  It's not a good time for small businesses.
Finally Eliot gets a look in again.
He really is an object lesson in patience!  Here he sits at my feet, knowing that there is something good in my pocket, and he just waits!  It will be given to him ... and he knows it!  So, no fuss, no panic, no worry ... just trust!  A sermon illustration in there!
So now, off to explore!

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ROBERTA said...

I wonder what E truly thinks about your turtle collection? I wonder if he is secretly jealous or perhaps relieved that you don't have a vast collection of wee doggies:)