Monday, 29 August 2011

"I don't believe it!"

The central heating is on again in August!  That's about the fifth time this month ... hard to believe but we're down to single figures in the evenings and with the dampness today everywhere feels cold.
The dog looked so shocked when the vacuum cleaner came out ... almost as if he were saying "you can't be serious!  I'm not doing the hoovering!"
 The observant will have noticed the huge cast iron turtle on the floor ... no doubt they'll feature in a photo-shoot one of these days.  There are four of them.
 Meanwhile the dog investigated the machine which always sends him into a tail spin.  I can't work out why he likes it so much but if I vacuumed all day he'd be happy!
Who knows what goes on in the mind of a dog ... or indeed ... in the mind of a human either?
What makes someone sit for ten minutes writing a blog?
And what about all the blogs like this one that just ramble on about nothing in particular?
It's somewhere to put a few photographs ... it's a record of life (or the lack of it) ... it's ... who knows?
Maybe it's showing off the turtle collection!
 I think the Italian sign translates best as, "watch out for turtles".  It's a tile that was given to me some years ago when friends returned from holiday.  The colours remind me of warm Mediterranean sunshine ... something of which we've had a serious lack this year!
 Scale is always a question when objects are seen out of any context ... the white background is good with the coloured models but it doesn't exactly give anything away.
So here's the set up.
A sheet of white A4 paper is the normal background ... then I just go in very close with the camera!
For such a small and relatively cheap item it takes great pictures (I think), and the close ups are clear enough for me!
So ... now you know!


ROBERTA said...

I've never known a dog who likes vacuums...mine barks at it and then hides...

very cool about the white'd never know that was just a piece of paper on the couch....pretty wild!

lesleyc said...

Maybe Eliot thinks the vacuum is an exotic animal?

Your mention of heating reminded me to arrange the CH boiler service - I forgot last year...

Freda said...

I used to have a little cairn terrier who loved to get cleaned with the hoover - not the big one, but the old tube kind. I think your dog is wondering if he might end up inside the purple monster!