Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bed-heads rule the world!

How unfair it is to have a camera stuck in your face as you waken from a cosy nap!  Too sleepy to move Eliot simply yawned and yawned before putting his head back down on his woolly blanket.  He wasn't going to move for anyone ... it is a hard life being a dog!
Why is he so tired?  Surely Sunday is the day when he gets to sleep more than usual?
The evidence suggests otherwise.
Two WHITE cushion covers and my WHITE bed linen show traces of a great deal of activity.  From somewhere, and who knows where, an ancient bone has been recovered and reburied, not once or twice, but three times!
In the guest bed.
Under the white cushions.
And finally beneath my duvet!  Is Eliot planning a midnight feast to which I am perhaps invited?
No wonder he has a bed-head!  All that activity when he should have been dozing!
Meanwhile, I was at church ... Holy Communion, then All Age Worship and finally tonight we had Evening Prayer.  A lovely mixture of styles and atmospheres and I enjoyed them all.
All Age was a chance to pray for our young folk as they go to new classes or new schools.  They were given a compass and a specially printed business card to remind them to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus.
  May God bless each one of them as they begin this new academic year.

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