Friday, 8 July 2011

Sometimes ....

... you end up in the right place at the right time!  That feels good.  You don't always know.  It probably happens more often than we think but on the odd occasion when you know that you've done it there's an added sense that God has directed a call, a visit or whatever.
Folk can be reluctant to act on these "impulses" yet I think they're prompting from the Holy Spirit.  Perhaps we all need to take more time to listen and then have the courage to act!
Once again the day began early ... not so early as has happened recently but certainly not long after 6.30 am!  The fact that the sun was shining and the air mild made it easier to crawl out of bed (which was a bit too warm) and take a coffee to the garden.  You can see from the 365Project picture that there were strong shadows and bright light.
The redcurrants are plentiful now and I love the sharp sweetness.  It didn't take long to demolish this lot once the photograph was uploaded.  The fruit series is going on and on ... there is so much available at this time of year and all reasonably cheap to buy.  I really ought to get a few raspberry canes for the garden here and maybe an apple tree or two ... the only edible produce at present is rhubarb and that provides regular treats of crumbles and stewed fruit.
Calling in at Saint Nicholas' mid-morning gave me a chance to catch the highly perfumed rose that grows near the door.
There are a lot of blooms on it at the moment and the perfume in the warm sunlight is intense.  This coming week is Rose Week in the Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park ... no doubt Eliot and I will have a lunch break there some day and enjoy the acres of beauty and scent of the roses.  It is one of my favourite places to be at this time of year ... but then it was always part of our summer when growing up.  There was at least one trip to see the rose gardens which were then at Derriaghy.
I guess the fruit series will give way to another rose collection ... I just love the huge variety in colours that you find among the various beds.
A day that begins early needs to end early too ... so ... a quick turn in the garden and off to bed!

In darkness and in light, 
in trouble and in joy, 
help us to trust your love, 
to serve your purpose 
and to praise your name; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Friday prayers. 

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