Saturday, 9 July 2011

Food, glorious food ....

 It was another sunny morning and this little pile of cherries was soon demolished when the 365Project photograph was snapped.  The fruit bowl will give another couple of days at least and then the series must end!  Creating the collection of fruit pictures has been fun and it has made me appreciate just how much variety there is at this time of year.
How long would it take to do the same through the vegetable tray as well?  There are at present three different varieties of potatoes in it - not to mention all the other stuff too.  And the yellow courgettes that I'm growing are at last beginning to show some shape ... some of them might just find their way onto the table tomorrow for lunch!
Looking at the blue cup you might ask a number of questions: is it half full or half empty, for example?  Or, did I drink most of it before taking a picture?
 It is, in fact, the way it came!
In an hotel I'd ordered an Americano ... and this half cup of (very good) coffee arrived.  The surprise rendered me speechless, and also, I was afraid that if I asked for it to be topped up that might be done with just water .... but I've never had such an un-full cup before.
A day that begins with food might as well end with it too.
This was tea/dinner/supper before the addition of steamed turnip and a tomato and basil sauce.
The little pot of vegetables was heated up leftovers from yesterday, as were the sautéed potatoes.  Fresh tonight were the peppers: stuffed with a mixture of onion, garlic, peanuts, seeded brown bread, porcini mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes.  I'd do it again!
I really am very thankful for all the good gifts that surround us each day including food that is not only tasty to eat but also attractive to the eye as well.  One of the surprising things (for me) is just how easy it has been to create a varied vegan diet!  I would miss eggs, the flavour of butter and an occasional topping of cheese on something like these stuffed peppers ... but apart from that, I'd quite happily eat this kind of food every day!

May we live by faith, 
walk in hope and be renewed in love, 
until the world reflects your glory 
and you are all in all. 
Even so, come Lord Jesus. Amen.

Saturday prayers. 

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