Monday, 25 July 2011

Another missed deadline ...

... though it doesn't really matter!
This is Sunday's offering ... a passion fruit ... the packet said "zingy" and so did my tongue!  It wouldn't have done any harm if it had sat around for another two or three days to ripen just a bit more.  But the flavour was there ... and that is unique.  I couldn't describe it as being "like" anything else.
The flower from which this is produced isn't quite like anything else either ... here's a picture from a web site.
There's a whole story of Jesus' passion tied into the design of that beauty.

In the early seventeenth century a Mexican Augustinian Friar, Emmanuel de Villegas, came across the plant we call the passion flower. That night he had a vision which identified its floral parts to the elements of the Crucifixion or Passion of Christ.
The Spiraled Tendrils — The Lash of Christ's Scourging
The Central Flower Column — The Pillar of the Scourging
The 72 Radial Filaments — The Crown of Thorns
The Top 3 Stigma — The 3 Nails
The Lower 5 Anthers — The 5 Wounds
The Leaves — The Head of the Centurion’s Spear
The ten white petals – The disciples (minus Peter and Judas)
The Red Stains — Christ's Blood
The Round Fruit — The World Christ Came to Save
 On a different note ... today I harvested the first of the potatoes planted some weeks ago ... 27th April the Arran Piper seed potatoes were put in compost:
How delicious they were today ... 
... straight from the garden through a scrub to the steamer in less than five minutes ... 
... and under ten minutes later (very small tubers) they nestled in a bed of fresh parsley and garden mint smothered with some good butter and sea salt!
A little dish of heaven!
I'll leave the other bags and pots for a few more weeks and there should be a tasty crop for some more meals.


lesleyc said...

A truly mouthwatering blog - new spuds are hard to beat and so easy to eat too many of - once you add the butter and salt!

Might even be blue sky all week...does Eliot have a paddling pool?

Rev Elizabeth said...

No Lesley ... no blue sky today .... no need for paddling pool .... much too cold!

Anonymous said...

you cant beat the home grown veg, aunt ellen has some lovely veg, beetroot, carrots and kale, they are yummy

margaretkiaora said...

I love your series of soil to mouth pics. We live near MacCains Chip Factory at Cayton nr Scarborough 5miles away and their Lorries have a soil to chip series , which I have always loved too.

Rev Elizabeth said...

Hi ... nice to find a new reader here Margaret! I enjoy doing that kind of daft thing ... just remembering to take a picture at each stage is the challenge!