Monday, 25 July 2011

Saint James' Day

 It's been a while since there was a church interior shot ... I know the building doesn't change much from month to month ... but I do enjoy my hour on a Monday when Saint Nicholas' is open for quiet prayer.  There's a great rota of folk who look after it from week to week and many people enjoy coming in for silence and to pray.
Then, after a hospital visit I took a quick drive round by Rise ... work is making great progress now and the installation is almost completed.  Roll on the day when the last of the fences is down and the work office has been removed.
The fruit for today was a fig ... not a very nice one as it happens.  These lacked the sweetness and the full centre of crunchy seeds ... not a pleasant bite at all ... maybe tomorrow's fruit will be a lot better.
Evenings this week are Holiday Bible Club for the older young folk.  A good crowd tonight and some of the younger guys wanted a group photograph!  Who could resist such appealing faces?  They had fun and the pizza at refreshment time vanished at the speed of light.
Clergy life is certainly varied ... one of these lads asked me if it is "fun"!  I assured him that it is!

Tomorrow is another day ... so a bit of work to do for that before I call it a night ...

Grant, O merciful God,
that as thine holy apostle Saint James, 
leaving his father and all that he had, 
without delay was obedient unto the calling 
of thy Son Jesus Christ, and followed him; 
so we, forsaking all worldly and carnal affections, 
may be evermore ready to follow thy holy commandments; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Book of Common Prayer
Collect of Saint James' Day


ROBERTA said...

it's such a beautiful church!

Anonymous said...

beautiful church and I can fully understand why you enjoy your prayer time there. take care, Judyx