Monday, 27 June 2011

"Learn the unforced rhythms of grace."

Part of "The Message" interpretation of Matthew 11:28-30 which ends, "Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly."
My attention is drawn to this thought through a new book that I was given last week - it's a series of one hundred and sixty meditations on various New Testament passages with questions to provoke reflection and then a few sentences to guide both prayer and life.  The book is "SOLO" by Eugene Peterson and uses the lectio divina method of reading and meditating on scripture.  "Bible basking" rather than bible study is how it is described in the introduction.
These days begin with one of the short chapters from "SOLO" and since I don't use The Message regularly the words come with fresh impact.
The lunch time hour in church is one of the special spaces in my week ... today we had lots of visitors (well four!) and one of them stayed to chat for a while.  The provision of this oasis of peace for those who pass by is such a gift to people whose lives are busy and sometimes a bit frantic as well as full of pain.  Having "live" organ music today was an added bonus.
There was a further opportunity to meet with the party from Sweden and we gathered in Saint Bartholomew's where the clergy answered questions before we all met over a cup of tea.
 We enjoyed reconnecting with some of the folk who'd been to our morning services and to meet others in the party.
 Saint Bartholomew's is such a pretty church and a lovely setting for the conversations.
 Then, later, this new tortoise was a gift from a friend who has been to Italy recently.  It's a beauty from the THUN collection and has such a sweet smile.  Most of the turtles don't have names .... a few do .... Wycliffe (bought in Oxford when I was on a summer school) and Nicholas (purchased in a little shop that no longer exists on the Lisburn Road on the day that I came to see the church after I'd been appointed).  This cute chap needs a name ... any suggestions?
 I tried to take his picture with a new one from Turkey ... but the contrast in colour made it almost impossible.
 However, the Turkish one is so pretty that I had to take its picture too.
And now ... time for bed!

Jesus, all for Jesus,
all I am or have and ever hope to be,
Jesus, all for Jesus,
all I am or have and ever hope to be.

Church Hymnal number 582
Robin Mark


Emma said...

I think he looks like a Timmy or Tommy! Always hard to beat a wee bit of alliteration!!

ROBERTA said...

going along with your biblically themed post I would like to suggest Titus:)

lesleyc said...

Toby or would that be Tobit?

lynnetigger said...

Oh, he's definitely a Happy Harold!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thank you all for your suggestions - I'll think about the options!

keneva said...