Tuesday, 3 May 2011

When a bluebell is not a bluebell ...

 We tend to call them all "bluebells" ... but this variety is the Spanish Bluebell (or Squill) rather than the English Bluebell.  The flower heads here are much chunkier and they come in more shades of white, pink and blue.  The native bluebell has a longer trumpet and the stems arch over with flowers falling on just one side.
 These, let's call them bluebells, are from my garden and while most are blue there are also a number of the white and a very few pink.
 This photo was a bit of an "accident" ... very bright sunlight was streaming into my office this evening and when I was up close to the flowers the rest of the room seemed to be in a dark contrast.  It made for an interesting set of pictures.
You will see that it was simply a tiny vase of bluebells - one that I'd used for Mothers' Union earlier in the afternoon.  The perfume from them is magnificent.
 Here they're sitting beside Psalm 46 which was the passage I'd chosen for our Bible Study.  Over the next few weeks we're going to look at a number of Psalms and then move to some key passages about the church.  Hopefully in September we'll begin a study in Revelation!  I'd love large numbers to begin to attend these studies.  In a standard Sunday sermon it isn't possible to explore the depth of many of these passages so the Bible Study affords such an opportunity ... and a place where we can look at questions people have.
The dog came along as well ... it seems that he assumes that if you stare at a door for long enough it will open!
I suppose it does ... eventually!
Now, it has been a long day ... so time for bed!

Of your kindness, Lord, dispel the darkness of this night, 
so that we your servants may go to sleep in peace 
and wake to the light of the new day, rejoicing in your name.
Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


ROBERTA said...

Your bluebells remind me of an old jump rope rhyme:
Blue bells, cockle shells
Easy ivy over!

I thought Eliot was looking at his reflection, thinking, Wow, am I good looking or what?

And waiting for you to open the door? Now we know who runs the house:)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Hi Roberta ... I'd not heard that rhyme - thanks.
And yes, Eliot does rule the house!! (Only because I allow it, of course!)

Nancy Wallace said...

Beautiful bluebells, even if they are the Spanish variety. I like the way the Spanish ones stand up straight while the British variety hang their heads - both are great. Later today I will be attempting to paint bluebells in a wood (watercolour) - your photos are an inspiration as always.

lesleyc said...

I agree about the photos Nancy, and indeed the whole blog is a source of inspiration.It's a recent discovery for me after Elizabeth led a very refreshing and inspirational parish retreat( without Eliot). Maybe Elizabeth - though you might need to be cloned to fit all this in - you could have a bible study blog too where we could have a weekly/monthly bible text to study and then have a broad based/non academic debate on line...

Rev Elizabeth said...

Dear Lesley!!!! What an idea! I really would need to be cloned!
Happy painting Nancy ... I tried bluebells in watercolour a few times but could never get the shade just right!
Now ... HC at 1 pm so need to get away from the office.
Good to see you all here this morning!