Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Spring garden at its best.

 All the spring flowers are now in bloom and the pink rhododendron at the gate mixes with the pale lilac to provide a beautiful vista.  The perfume from the lilac is gorgeous.
 A fellow 365er found this poem:


by Elaine Magliaro

Little-petalled blossoms hang

In soft clusters of

Lavender lace

Adorning spring’s greenery,

Catching honeybees with

Sweet perfume.

 The intense shades of the azaleas are dazzling!
 This one is a much darker shade but the sunlight seems to have washed it pale for the photograph.  Maybe I'll try again when the light is softer.  They are such exotic flowers, and live for a short time, but create a fantastic splash of colour while they're here!
 This soft pink is in the back garden ... with the other brighter shades in the front it would look sickly!  As it is, all by itself, it is a delightful splash of light against a dark hedge.
Apologies that it is a "quick blog" tonight ... just a look at some of the beauty in the garden ... a few yards from my door and there is such a feast for the eyes.

For cities and towns, factories and farms, flowers and trees, sea and sky---
Lord we praise you for the world and its beauty.
For family and friends, neighbours and cousins---
Lord, we thank you for friendship and love.
For kind hearts, smiling faces, and helping hands---
Lord, we praise you for those who care for others.
For commandments that teach us how to live---
Lord, we thank you for those who help us to understand your laws.
And for making us one family on earth, the children of one God---
Lord we praise you, who made all people different, yet alike.

Jewish Liturgy

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ROBERTA said...

so many shades of pink (and lavender). my fave is the first shot - i could jump right into that cotton candy shade of pinkness! spring brings us such beauty.