Thursday, 5 May 2011


I wasn't sure that I'd get back to this to add any words at all.  Sometimes you don't need words!
The candles are on my prayer table and were lit well before dawn today.  One was for a friend who was waiting with his Dad to go to be with the Lord.  Another was for a couple of folk who had gone missing on holiday ... they turned up safe and well ... but not before a number of people had become very worried.  Others are for friends who are ill, struggling or in need of one kind or another.
Then, as dawn broke, one of the 365Project members suggested we look at the contents of our handbags!  It wasn't as bad as it can be ... though I did refrain from putting down the crumpled tissue!  At least there was only one camera in it this time ... but the presence of a pencil sharpener has caused some amusement!  Doesn't everyone carry one, just in case?
As for the pile of coins.  I have an irritating habit of just popping change into the bag without looking for a purse ... it means that I end up with a pile of small coins rattling around in the bottom of the bag ... so I thought I'd take a picture of them before they go into the Mission Box!  I like the style of the UK's coins - little works of art in their own right.
Thursday is Day Off ... but I didn't do much today ... a little pottering, a very little vacuum cleaning and some television.  I spent a while adding pictures to the parish web site .... do check it out from time to time.  There is more to add on some pages ... but the photographs are filling up quite nicely.
When it is up to date then the next few services are listed on the Worship page.  If there's something that you'd like to see added to the site ... then please let me know and I'll see what can be done!

A prayer for peace in our world
Make your ways known upon earth, Lord God,
your saving power among all peoples.
Renew your Church in holiness
and help us to serve you with joy.
Guide the leaders of all nations,
that justice may prevail throughout the world.
Let not the needy be forgotten,
nor the hope of the poor be taken away.
Make us instruments of your peace
and let your glory be over all the earth. Amen

Church of England


ROBERTA said...

oh my! i love the purse contents are so tidy! everynight when i get into bed i clean out my purse. it's part of my examen....i sift through the receipts, and business cards and all those bits that end up at the bottom and recall where i was loving during the day and where i wasn't...weird but true. plus i believe that when your purse is in order your life is in order!!!!!!!!!!! ok, maybe that's stretching it a bit but an organized purse feels good! unfortunately the rest of my house is a mess!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks .... I didn't show the mangled tissue or the bits of fluff .... but the bag is pretty much as you see it ... the rest of the house (apart from the crockery cupboards for some odd reason) is a permanent state of chaos ... oh, and my sock drawer! Now what does that tell you about me! Dishes, Feet and Handbag ordered ...

lesleyc said...

Would life not be simpler if you either bought all socks the same or were bold enough to not care if your socks match?! The tension between order and chaos is tricky...