Friday, 13 May 2011

Tenacity ... this is Thursday's blog ...

It is now out of sequence because I decided to edit it!  Ah well ... not a problem!
With Blogger being down I wasn't able to add the story:
In one of the eleven relay games the youngsters had to make a tower that spelled "TAYTO" - they sponsor the games.
This team knocked over the pile and it was reassembled incorrectly.  Wee lassie went back, dismounted, recreated the tower and then galloped home.  All the other teams had long since finished and commentator was saying things like "it probably doesn't matter ..." but she stuck with it to get it right!  You should have heard the thunderous applause she received as she crossed the finish line!  Everyone was so impressed with her determination ... even if the team was last.  She just didn't give up until the job was done!

And, for Eliot's fan club ... a couple of shots taken in the front garden where the azaleas are almost over.


ROBERTA said...

i must say, that first photo of Eliot is my favorite. So regal, so noble, so handsome. Oh, and the flowers are lovely too:)

It was crazy having Blogger go down for so long! Now i have so much reading to catch up on!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes, lots of folk were missing everyone's blogs ... and then there were hiccups in the system ... but all seems to be restored.
Eliot does hold his head well and I love his big brown eyes! I'm rather biased!

Anonymous said...

Missed you! Glad to hear it was Blogger and you weren't struck down by the lurgey.

Rev Elizabeth said...

Hi MrsMcF ... no ... it was a problem that all who use Blogger faced ... test of patience!! They kept telling us that service would be restored "soon" but no further information!

lesleyc said...

And wasn't that picture of Eliot worth waiting for!

The sleepy sheep are relaxing just to look at.