Saturday, 14 May 2011

Always on duty!

 His owner was at the photocopier so Eliot kept guard outside.  The rain didn't bother him ... he had a much more important job to do.  
Every so often he'd trot off to the gates to bark at people who came too close or cars that slowed down just a little too much.  Then, back to me for approval and a quick pat before returning to his watch point at the door.
There's a lot we might learn about being alert and watchful from this dog ... maybe even from most dogs.  At the least sign from me he's ready for anything.  I don't know how he does it ... as far as I could see there was no indication that I was planning to go out and take him ... yet ... for a good ten minutes (while I was attempting to be casual and do other things to fool him) he followed me around in great excitement!  
If only our eyes and ears and hearts were as alert to movements of the Holy Spirit ... life in abundance would be a constant reality.  
 The showers have been so heavy today that I parked almost as close to the entrance as I could get - not for me getting soaked!  Eliot sometimes doesn't seem to mind it when he's on duty at the Parish Halls ... though he'll not go out for long at home if it is raining.  Once again I am "enjoying" the smell of wet fur ... but at least he's gone off to his own basket so I'm not having him sit against me just yet.  Hopefully he'll have dried off a bit before bedtime. 
 When Eliot is distracted like this it is possible to sneak up on him and take a photograph or two ... and I know that his fan club will appreciate a second helping of shots of their idol!  
Mind you, when it came time to go home he wasn't so alert ... you'd be surprised just how deaf he can become in a split second!
There I was, rain pouring down, calling him to come home ... and there he was, gaze fixed on some distant point refusing to turn his head even a fraction!  I must admit it amused me thoroughly!  
In the end I had to pretend to leave by the gates before he trotted over to have his lead attached ... it was a very short few yards into the Park before heading back to the warm, dry car!  He came quite willingly at that stage ... strange dog!  Very strange dog!
 Earlier in the day the cars on Tate's Avenue gave me some innocent amusement as I sat taking pictures ... this is the one used for 365Project ... something about the tail lights made it dance for me.
 The bus was a close runner up ... I'm still not sure about our pink livery?  They're distinctive ... but .... 
 Anyhow ... you'll have the impression now that it was a wet day!  Not constant rain.  There were half hours of sunshine in between the very heavy showers.  It is the kind of evening for lighting the fire and watching the Eurovision Song Contest (maybe).  This year there's a strange fascination with the twins on it ... and they could win!
Meanwhile ... time for a cup of coffee on this evening of the Feast Day of Saint Matthias. 

Almighty God,
who in the place of the traitor Judas
chose your faithful servant Matthias
to be of the number of the Twelve:
Preserve your Church from false apostles
and, by the ministry of faithful pastors and teachers,
keep us steadfast in your truth;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Collect of Saint Matthias


ROBERTA said...

Eliot might be a bit embarassed if he knew his mum was posting pictures of his bum! Ha!

And I agree - we could learn much from our dogs regarding faithfulness, attitude and loyalty, but sometimes it's good to know that they too have their weaknesses (i.e. selective hearing) - otherwise we might worship them more than we do:)

For once our weather is different - warmish but muggy with rain coming in tonight.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing...and good to be alert.