Monday, 21 March 2011

Early walk - late blog.

 With slightly brighter mornings Eliot appears to have lost all sense of time!  If there is any brightness in the sky he assumes that it must be time for a walk!  At 5.45 am today I was not the happiest owner a dog could have.  However, two cups of strong coffee later I was ready to go with him for a walk in the glorious early sunshine.
 You can see from the Forsythia that it was a magnificent start to the day ... hardly a cloud to be seen at seven o'clock ... just the vapour trails from the early flights ... 
 As usual I had fun with the camera.  Eliot was off doing smelling things and I enjoyed not only the distant views but also the detail of the mosses and lichens that grow on the gate posts.
It is like a forest in miniature there ... 
 Up close the detail is amazing ... but only a few feet away it looks just like some green stuff on the concrete.
 By the time the working day started the sunshine had gone behind the clouds although the temperatures are certainly warmer at the moment.  It is eight degrees Celsius tonight and during the day we saw it as high as thirteen!  The spring equinox has brought warmer weather ... and that seems to be forecast to continue for the remainder of the week.

Lord, we offer you ourselves this day
for the work you want accomplished,
for the people you want us to meet,
for the word you want to be uttered,
for the silence you want to be kept,
for the places you want us to enter,
for the new ways you want pioneered.
God with us along the way, Lord,
and enable us to realize your presence,
at all times and in all places,
our loving Lord Jesus Christ. 

Morris Maddocks.   

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Anonymous said...

love the brightness of the forsythia - I am eagerly waiting for my neighbour's two small magnolia trees to bloom they are nearly there!! Karmen and Prince are spending more time outside now that the weather is improving. take care, Judyx