Monday, 3 January 2011

Very peculiar!

 It is.
It really is ... very peculiar!
According to the ingredients Marmite is just 2% of the total ... so you'd hardly notice it?
The first thing that strikes the brave taster is the aroma ... as soon as the inner wrapper is opened the smell of Marmite fills the air.  A beautiful smell ... but not what you expect when you break into a bar of chocolate!
The silky smooth chocolate tastes like CHOCOLATE!  Maybe a hint of saltiness ... but not unpleasant ... if anything it enhances the dark cocoa flavour.
Afterwards ... the taste of Marmite lingers long into the evening ... well after the chocolate has vanished.
A most peculiar sensation ... I like it ... but in small doses.  It's not a bar that would tempt me to overindulge though I will enjoy every square.
Perhaps this is just another indicator on the "normal - not normal" scale.  If you like Marmite flavoured chocolate then you're NOT NORMAL!
Watching the growing bear is another peculiar thing ... though I think it has now reached maximum height.  The packet said seventy two hours and it has now had ninety six!  It would be hard to say if it has "grown" any more since day four ... I think not.  If there is any further change, don't worry, you'll be among the first to know!

 Finally Mollie.  No, she's not peculiar ... but the fact that she's at the rectory just now is a strange story.
Mollie's owner was returning to the US.  The person who normally looks after him was going to be away for two weeks so a dog-sitter had been arranged.
Just eighteen hours before the owner's flight was due to leave the dog-sitter discovered that keeping Mollie wasn't going to be possible.  So, having tried everyone, all the kennels, all his friends ... Mollie eventually ended up with me!  That's another "NOT NORMAL" indicator.  You know that I already have a dog.
A big dog.
A big dog who chases wee dogs.
How on earth would they cope ... and more to the point ... how would I cope?
 It isn't so bad at all.  Eliot has turned out to be a reasonably good host and doesn't object when Mollie jumps up on his chair.  Mollie jumps up on everything - even the computer table.  The only big problem comes at feeding time ... Eliot is not happy if the little one comes anywhere near his dish ... I've taken to feeding them in different rooms to avoid the squabble.
She is rather cute and very inquisitive bouncing around everywhere ... and very easy to fall over.  No, I've not actually fallen, but she does tend to be under your feet or sitting on them when I'm at the computer.
An hour and a mug of coffee later the Marmite flavour is still lingering ... I'm minded to have a piece of toast and Marmite for supper!

Lord Jesus, our Master, go with us
while we travel to the heavenly country;
that, following your star,
we may not wander in the darkness of this world's night,
while you, who are our Way, and Truth, and Life,
shine within us to our journey's end;
for your mercy's sake.  Amen.

The Promise of His Glory. 

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