Tuesday, 4 January 2011

If only dogs could talk ...

 Eliot and Mollie insisted on joining me late this afternoon in the study and at one point seemed to be deep in conversation.  Wouldn't you love to know what was going on in their heads?  Thankfully I can leave them all day without anything more than a few of Mollie's puddles to clear up.  I do wish that she's go outside like Eliot ... but maybe she's still feeling a bit strange.  They have access to a limited area when I'm out as Mollie would have no difficulty in getting through the fence ... and I'd not want to have to explain that to Simon!
Most of the time is seems that they just do their own thing.
 Although I suspect that some of Eliot's bad habits will rub off on her.  Here he's showing her how to demolish a plastic bottle in a short time.  Bits of green plastic will be strewn all over the floor for me to collect later.  It's actually quite noisy when he begins the process and that seems to be half the fun!
 The beloved Saint Michael has produced a new range of desserts ... these tiny pots of Key Lime Pie are so attractive.  I bought them, not just to taste the pie but also to make it the 365Project photograph of today.
 I took a few pictures from different angles with variations in the lighting.  The cloth on the table is a handkerchief - hand embroidered on fine linen from Japan.  It's a very delicate hanky and would be absolutely no use for the intended purpose - it is a purely decorative item and very beautiful.  
 In fact the photograph submitted to 365Project ended up being this blue candle holder - also taken on top of the Japanese hanky.  The theme this week is "blue" and since that's my favourite colour there's certainly plenty around the house from which to choose.  
Once again there's no connection between the pictures - just random shots of life here!  And having left the blog until bedtime I'm right out of inspiration as well.  Not a great start to the new year ... but at least things can only improve!

Living God,
whose Son the Lord Christ
came to share our mortal nature:
grant that by the grace and power
of your immortal Spirit
we may live on earth
as those whose true home is in heaven,
where he is alive and reigns
with you and the same Spirit,
one God, world without end.  Amen.

The Promise of His Glory. 

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