Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Well now ....

... first we have frozen water, then too much flood water, then no water .... at least it is providing lots of opportunities for folk to jump on hobby horses .... generally blaming "somebody" for our current difficulties.
This illustration of a hobby-horse (or cock horse) is from Wikipedia showing a 1901 illustration by William Wallace Denslow.  A "hobby horse" is a medium sized pony believed to have originated in Ireland.  Used to mean "following an obsession" it has given us the term "hobby".
Anyhow, Northern Ireland Water has become the object of much criticism ... not all of it fair or considered.  There are often more factors to be taken into account and undoubtedly the extreme weather conditions in recent weeks is responsible for pipes freezing and the subsequent flooding and additional problems.
One thing is for sure - when you don't have water for a while you're reminded that we depend so much upon it and take it for granted.  In the last couple of days when there hasn't been any coming from the taps I've thought so much about my friends in Kenya who sometimes carry water for miles and who can clean their teeth every day in an egg cup full of water.  How much we waste in normal times!  How little we appreciate clean, fresh drinking water piped into our homes!
 A carafe of fresh water was filled just after our water supply to the Rectory was restored earlier today.  A 365Project picture for today.  But thousands of homes in Northern Ireland are still without the normal supply ... and it could be some time before everyone is connected again.
Meanwhile, my little polar bear came out of his wrapper.
 He really is quite tiny as you can see with the pennies beside him.  Just add water and he'll grow!!
 So water from a favourite jug (with blue stars, seen in the background) is duly added ... all I have to do now is wait for two or three days ... no doubt you'll have the photographs as he expands.
 Meanwhile, as I was trying to take the pictures, Eliot and his friend Angel were enjoying a wrestling match beside me ... it is a surprise that there wasn't water spilled all over the place!  Angel is here just for the day and the two dogs do seem to have a great time when they're together.  They can keep up this mock fighting for a long time and neither is hurt!
What of the Church and Parish Halls?
The plumber was in Saint Nicholas' this afternoon fixing the bursts in the church; I left before he moved over to the halls to deal with the 'domestic' side of things there.  The 'industrial' side will have to be done by others and plans for that are under-way.
Now, to boil some precious water for a coffee ... !!

Holy God, our Living Water and our merciful Guide, 
together with the rivers and seas, wells and springs, 
we bless and magnify you. 
You led your people by the pillar of cloud and fire through the sea, 
and provided them water from the rock. 
We thank you for the gift of water.

The Holy Spirit moved over water in the beginning of creation. 

In water, your Son Jesus received the gift of baptism 
and was anointed by the Holy Spirit to lead us into the way of everlasting life through his life, death, and resurrection.

Gracious God, you have called us into a community of faith. 

We are called to life by you 
and to sustain life with you, 
the source of life and creator of every being. 
We pray for those who struggle every day for their daily supply of water: 
in the slums of Brazilian cities, 
in the deserts of Africa, 
in the townships where clean water does not flow. 
We pray for those who experience floods 
and for others in desperate need of water. 
We pray that those who are fortunate to have an abundance of water do not take your gift for granted, 
or fail to heed and understand the cries of people who need water for life. 
And this we pray in Jesus' name,

Lutheran World Federation.


ROBERTA said...

i recite that ditty to my grandbabies as i bounce them on my knee, in the same way my mother recited it to me:)

Rev Elizabeth said...

The old ones are the good ones!