Saturday, 25 December 2010

Great day

... and busy!
... too engrossed in everything and everyone to take pictures ... this is a section of the dining room during the traditional Christmas meal.
It was lovely to have family and friends gathered round the table(s) today ... by putting two tables end to end we were able to seat everyone.  Unfortunately two young American lads found themselves stranded in Munich due to a cancelled flight and we missed having their company.
From two young children to a gentleman in his late 90s we covered the whole spectrum of ages ... and at times you could hardly hear yourself think!  But it was great fun.  Everyone lent a hand either in preparation or serving and the meal passed off without a hitch!
Now, it is get ready for Saint Stephen's Day - just two services and then a lunch of "scraps"!  They'll be exceedingly tasty scraps ... turkey, ham, spiced beef ... the whole range of vegetables ... large quantities of gravy ... all followed by ... plum pudding and custard or cream and Caribbean trifle!  And then there's the cheeseboard, mince pies and Christmas Cake that were hardly touched ... I don't think that I'll starve for a day or two!  And did I mention the turkey broth for starters ...?
In all of this we also remembered why we celebrate Christmas and lighting the Advent Wreath at the table was the first thing we did before giving thanks for Jesus and for our food.
A great day.  Full of thankfulness.  Met some lovely new friends.  Enjoyed time with everyone, including a quick run in to see my neighbours!
And the day began with a beautiful service of Holy Communion with loads of people ... wonderful to see the church so well filled and to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere as we worshipped together.
God is good!

Father of lights,
from whom comes every good and perfect gift:
keep us in the light of Christ,
to shine in your world,
that all may believe in you
through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen. 

The Promise of his Glory. 

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