Friday, 31 December 2010

End of a year ...

As the old year begins to fade and the new one comes into focus you feel that there should be some significant words of wisdom to mark the occasion.  In under three hours from now we'll move into 2011 ... and, apart from the date, what will have changed?  The 365Project has driven the photograph for the blog this year.  Every day for the past year I've managed to take at least one picture and write at least a few words on here.  I don't think that I'll set the same personal challenge for 2011 - though it has been fun putting something down each day.
What to do now?
Television tonight has that heady mix of sentimental junk and re-runs from former years.  
I don't have the "umph" to do any work ... 
So a blog, a book and bed!
1st January will begin with attending the funeral of a friend and then the usual Saturday jobs in preparation for Sunday's services.
At 10.15 am there's Holy Communion in Saint Nicholas' and then at 7.00 pm the Bach Cantata for New Year.  The Bach is for two soloists and reflects on the 'Flight into Egypt' narrative.
Meanwhile Molly continues to follow Eliot wherever he goes ... and I follow her around with a sponge and bucket!  Poor old girl seems to have a "wee" problem so she's confined to limited areas.
Tea this evening for me was a slice of a tasty quiche - smoked salmon and watercress.  No, I didn't make it ... that was done by Mr Sainsbury.  
A Facebook friend had this greeting on his page ... so it is now my wish for you all:

 Happy New Year, dear friends! 
سعيد السنة الجديدة ، أيها الأصدقاء!
Šťastný nový rok, přátelé! 
Frohes Neues Jahr, liebe Freunde! 
Bonne année, chers amis! 
Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku, drodzy przyjaciele! 
Felice Anno Nuovo, cari amici! 
Sretna Nova godina, dragi prijatelji! 
Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh, a chairde a stór! 
Честита Нова Година, Елизабет! 

The year is gone beyond recall,
with all its hopes and fears,
with all its bright and gladd'ning smiles,
with all its mourners' tears.

O Father, let thy watchful eye
still look on us in love,
that we may praise thee, year by hear,
as angels do above.

Church Hymnal number 83
Francis Pott

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pix-2010 said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth!

I, too, have hung up the photo a day challenge and "pix-2010" will very soon be no more.

I look forward to keeping in touch by following this blog as well as on facebook & twitter.

Best wishes for 2011